A Letter to my past love©

A Letter to my past love©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

When tomorrow comes

 I’ll still be here

You’ll be free

We can both start a new

When tomorrow comes

Our life together will be done

You had to be with her

I told you she would hurt you

You didn’t want to listen

Now you’re all alone

I’m hopeful that in the future

I’ll find a new love

I hope that I can be?

 All he needs me to be

Maybe you will learn my love

  There is more to

 Life and love than feeling good

 For just a moment or two

Throwing away a lifetime

Wasn’t in the books

Life teaches you how to be

Practice makes perfect

I wish you all the best my love

and hope you’ll find true happiness

Too bad it won’t be with me

I’ll keep the good times tucked away

In a special place in my heart

I beg of you to treat her right

Don’t let old habits drag you down

Or loneliness will once more be

Your only friend

Goodbye to my past love

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