The Friday Morning Shuffle©

The Friday Morning Shuffle©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Today begins with a gloomy haziness

The glow I looked forward to is missing

I struggle to see the reason behind why I must be here

I know it’s my duty and wouldn’t have it any other way

But today I just find myself wishing for a moment to call my own

This day started with such a clambering everything and everyone all at once

No one knowing their own direction

My job for now is just guidance

I’m surprised at all who have lost their way

Finally successful to have all back on track

There’s only a single moment before we must bolt

The traffic is horrendous with all stuck in maze

Anger is mounting

A mass of horns are honking

Insults are flying

Thankfully our patience remains in tact

After three drops

12 traffic lights

Witnessing three verbal confrontations

And one pile up we can finally stop

Put our feet up for 20 minutes

Before we head off to work

Then it’s starts all



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