While I Was Dreaming©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

My head lays snugly upon my goose feathered pillow

I’m off in a dreamland made just for me

With thoughts and memories untouchable by anyone else

I’m in a faraway place

Where all is new and different

I experience no déjà vu

There are no familiar faces, names or places

But everything I see appears to be meant just for me

My face is covered with smiles

And I could just walk for miles

Here in this dream world of mine

All the trees are healthy and fruitful for all

Each home is warm and inviting

All residents are genuinely neighborly

Each homes table seats many a stranger made to feel just like family

Please I beg of you don’t pinch me

This is one dream world that is hard to leave

I’m sorry to say that while I was dreaming

I’m not sure I missed this place I call home