My moment in time©

My moment in time©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

I never thought it would happen
I never believed in myself enough until now
I stand before my fans on a concert stage
There must be hundreds even thousands
All here to listen to what I have to say
I thought I’d be nervous but not even a bead of sweat is near
The crowd is roaring begging to hear my first words
Suddenly a dead silence surrounds me once the signal is given
I’m amazed that there is no frog in my throat as a belt out
Each wobrd of my story
The words flow so effortlessly and all ears are aching for more
After the ends the room is one again filled with roars
Everyone stumbles over the person on either side of them
All hoping for the same thing
An autographed copy of my book and a picture op
Another 90 minutes later everyone has come and gone
My fingers are cramping and my throat is horse
But there is nothing else I’ve ever wanted more
To be center stage with all eyes on me
Enjoying my moment in time

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