Sweet Girl of Mine©

Sweet Girl of Mine©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

A young girl idolizes a young woman

She looks to her for advice

She likes her style

She pays attention to what she has to say

She’s found in her something she’s been missing

She longs for the moments they once shared

But somethings changed

Everything’s different now

All that she gave her has to be returned

There are no more conversations

Just a cold departure

The young girl now lost for words of what to say

and who to say them to

The one person she has always had

The one person she has always been able to turn to

Is dear old mom who will heal all her wounds

She will listen to all she wants to share

The young girl will go back to who she always was

A bright, smart, adventures young lady

Full of hopes and dreams

I love you sweet girl of mine

I wish I could swallow up all your pain

Just know that the pain will soon subside

and you will be free of the memory

Just always know that you are never

at fault for the choices any adults make that hurt

Keep that smile, that hope, that gleam

Oh sweet girl of mine


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