Thankful and grateful©

Thankful and grateful©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

From the moment my unknowing mother delivered me from her womb I was thankful
When I heard that I came into the world three months earlier than I was supposed to and survived I was grateful
I believed that there was a reason for my existence
Medically, I have had struggled all my life
But each day I live and breathe, I am thankful
Relationships have never come easy for me or to me
But I am grateful for all those who have stuck by me
I hope you all know who you are
I’m grateful that each time someone tried to take my life
The powers that be saved me
I’m grateful for each child that I’ve been blessed with
Each one different from the other
Some born from me
Some.sent to me
Each of them will remain a part of me forever
I am grateful to my parents for giving me a reason to press forward
To instill in me a sense of values and for the stern upbringing
This is what guided me as to the do’s and don’ts of parenting
I’m grateful for each thing I have learned during this life
For each friend I have made
For each job I have held
Ad for each dollar I have earned
I am grateful to know love, to teach love and to have love
I am grateful for each bite I taste and for each bite I have to offer to others
But most of all I am grateful for the powers that brought each and everyone one of us to life
And allow us to keep on living
I hope you too are “Thankful and grateful ”


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