Cry Me A River©


Photo: Cry Me A River taken by Felina Silver Robinson – Copyright 2016

Cry Me A River©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

I peer out my window as I sit stuck in traffic

I glance upon the river

As I dream of better days

The crisp threatening sky beckons my attention

I wish for a boat that will sail me into the deep blue sea

So the tears I spill

Will guide my way on an endless trip

Where I hope to wash away all the pain that consumes me

The river is the place I should be

It’s the only place I know where I can be free

Free from all the war, crime and death

That haunts and taunts those on dry land

I search for a private Island that will hold true to all my dreams

Cry me a river and set sail with thee

Now woken by the honking horns  and screaming drivers

I’m disappointed by my current reality

But life goes on and we must face what’s before us

with all of our might

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