The Woman With A Cold Heart©

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The Woman With A Cold Heart©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

There once was a woman who was sad as can be

Her whole life long people tormented her with words

They tripped her at each pass

They spat at her shoes and threw twigs in her hair

She was always in great despair

As she grew older her heart grew colder

For no one had ever shown her love

So she became meaner with each passing day

She became more hateful than anyone could fathom

But still somehow love found her

Somehow a millionaire became captivated by her external beauty

It was all hidden just beneath her skin

One day they ran off and were wed

Everyone had hoped he would change her

And break the ice around her heart

She bore many a child

Offering love to only one boy and one girl

Who grew up quite happy

Leaving not much for the other loathsome three

For mother could barely stand the sight of them

Their father’s heart broken by the lack of her love

Died one morning of a broken heart

And in this time

Their mother grew sadder

That her cold heart had killed the only one that had ever loved her

Years later her only son died

It’s almost as if she too died

Not even her youngest daughter

Who had always been her mothers pride

Could cheer her

So she got married and moved away

Her mother’s heart broke even more

Her anger continued to grow

She’s sent everyone away

She now has gone into hiding

Not seen by anyone

Not even her children

Where is the woman who brings fear to many

Maybe it’s time for her tormentors to worry

If I were they I would begin to scurry

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