Another Day Without You©


Another Day Without You©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Today we give thanks for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus

As I accept him with an open mind, open arms, and an open heart

I can’t help but wish that you too were returning here to us

That none of those who care for you would have to miss you another day

That we could hold you in our arms

Hear your laughter

And know that when we lay our heads to sleep tonight

The next morn you would be right there

At the breakfast table

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed

Raring to go

Just the same as you always did

But we all know

That this can’t be

We’ve let you go

Like sand slipping through our fingers

Slowly heading to the wide blue ocean

Never to be seen again

We will watch the night sky

Hoping for a shining star

Symbolizing a piece of you

That will let us know

You are thinking of us as we think of you

Than we can certainly bear another day without you

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