Waiting for a Change of Season©


Waiting for a Change of Season©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

The sun has risen on this cold winter day

The leftover icy snow lies awaiting its thaw

The birds flock together where they’re off to

Not even they know

The trees are as bare as the leaves have all fallen

The grass that was once green

Is brown beneath the snow

 The sunlight barely brightens such doom

And gloom of the winter’s chill

Each child awaits the next snowfall to replace their

Last snowman lost to the bright sun

Adults can’t wait for the next long ski weekend

As teenagers wait to go ice skating or tobogganing

 All of this being a true sign

Of our long winter season

 We both love and hate this Season

But with some patience

Spring and summer will soon be upon us

 We too can find both fault and pleasure

With this dreaded season

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