Today is World Smile Day, Are You Wearing Yours?

Smile a little smile for me, it’s world smile day© by Felina Silver Robinson – Copyright 2016

It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful a smile can be. In the saddest moment of any day if anyone and I mean anyone, takes the time to smile at me, my day just turns to gold. When my daughters are down sometimes I take my fingers and shape a smile on their face and of course they start to laugh. My son has his fair share of quirky smiles, and I love each one of them.

Smiles have no age requirements, they come with no limits. So big or small, young or old, today is the day that you are asked to just “smile” and pass it on. Do what you must if you see non smilers. A tickle here, a tickle there, even silly faces can pull out the tough to find smilers. I can’t wait to see smiles of all kinds.

Smile on Your Face

Her Smile

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