On A Dare©

On A Dare©

Copyright 2015, 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

On a dare I sat and stared

At every line upon his face

As he sat still in place

Reading his New York Times

As old man Bill shined his shoes

And Big Billy John trimmed his gray thinning hair

I wondered how it must feel to be so lucky

As he to have all waiting on him hand and foot

While he passed his time

With no care for us three

Barely tipping either man

As he rushed off

Without even a thank you

But stopped in front of me to say

Good Day as he slipped me a $20

And told me to scurry away

Dare he not know that I was the daughter of a

Statesman with nothing better to do

With my day

He should have shined my shoes

Or at least tipped his hat to me

I would be sure to tell my pappa not to invite him

To his next big round table dinner

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