Unsent Letters©

Unsent Letters©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Many days


Many nights

I sat and wrote you letters

Knowing that I would never

Have the guts to send them

I feared what you would think

I feared what you might say

I feared that you may no longer love me

If you knew what was on the way

You always said no children

You didn’t want them in your way

You had yourself a future

Being tied down was just not your way

So I shut my mouth


Bore your child

Hoping that one day

You would know

That you were missing


Piece of yourself

But with each day that passed

Then turning into months and years

Of course I could no longer find the words

That would make you understand

So here sits this pile


Letters all meant for you

Your daughter now eagerly

Holding on to the idea of meeting you

You’d be so proud

She’s a beauty

With brains


Lots to say

You’d certainly never

Want to get in her way

Some day

Were hoping

That you’ll start



Find us here


Waiting just for you


Accept us as

Your own

Once you’ve read

Each and every letter

That I was too afraid to send


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