My Hands Wrapped Around Your Heart©

Copyright© 2014, 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

I find my hands wrapped around your heart

Holding it together

Hoping you won’t falter

Falter from all that you are

From all that you have to offer

Your heart appears broken

Broken and tired

Tired from the pain

The pain that you feel with every prick and prod

The pain that you feel as you sit in the chair with another nameless face beside you

Every visit tears a little more of your heart away

You yearn for a time before becoming sick

You are hopeful for tomorrow

But know it’s not in your hands

You ask for gods help

You hope he’s listening

Everyone you know and love supports you

You’re never alone

Each day you’re getting stronger

Your color is coming back

I even see your hair growing

You tell me you’re coming back

There’s a smile across your face

A familiar smile that I used to know

One that I’m happy to know again

Your prayers are being answered

Because here you are once again with

My Hands Wrapped Around Your Heart

I’m so happy that you’re ALIVE!