Backwards In Time©

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Backwards In Time©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

In January of 1863 Abraham Lincoln set forth to end slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation

Freedom came in December of 1865 when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified

But freedom would never truly be known to those trapped in darker skin

Slavery may have ended but racism took it’s place

Today a student of color was threatened with lynching in a local high school

Are there truly ears that will listen to the cries of those violated

Who will punish the bad

Who will protect the innocent

Will racism ever end?

Why must we go backwards in time?

So many years have passed

So many tears shed

Lives lost without reason

Progress lost

Misplaced pride

All for a momentary rush of imaginary power

No regret for sinful acts

Can we move forward before it’s too late?

Let our future be different than our past

Allow the next generation to live in a place where ignorance is missing

Our hearts and minds should be open and accepting to those who mean us no harm

The head that holds racism is the head that’s blind to change




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