Today I…©

Today I…©

Copyright© 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

I took a deep breath

I smelled the lingering odor of last nights chinese food from another successful family birthday gathering

The bananas  that flavored my mother’s super moist banana cake gifted for my eldest daughter’s birthday celebration, perfumed my dining room

I daydreamed about the gorgeous chocolate cake that sat upon my table the night before. I’m still wishing I wasn’t allergic and could have enjoyed a piece. You’ve never seen a more inviting Trunchbull looking cake. Not at all due to its size for it measures in no way close to that of a Trunchbull cake, but in its appearance and its inviting glow. You have a want it, aim for it and take it, and later wish you never did kind of glow.

I sat questioning why helicopters circled overhead only to learn that a fire broke out nearby, I then sit hoping that no one gets hurt along the way during this melancholy kind of day as I try hard to push the tears out of my way saddened for the billion dollar jackpot that got away.

So, I laughed, talked, ate, then the day ended and I just couldn’t wait to climb into my warm inviting bed and that’s how I lived today

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