Seven Days a Week©

Seven Days a Week©

On Sunday

Mornings are quiet

We wake to coffee and tea

Then off to church to see everyone you know

Followed by a day spent with friends and family

With a big Sunday Dinner

On Monday

Adults start the work week

While kids head off to school

Somewhere in between is mom’s monthly ManiPeni

On a Tuesday

It’s kind of a snooze day

So some find time to gossip

Others try to befriend you

Anything to kill some time

On A Wednesday

It’s a “hump day”

Everyone’s planning for the weekend

Work flies on by

It’s like a breeze, then

before you know it

the day is at its end

On A Thursday

It’s the crunch day

You want to get everything done

So it doesn’t hang up your friday

There’s no surprise when

no one has the time

to stand around and chat

Time is quickly slipping away

Everyone wants to hit the sack early so

They’re up bright and early

On A Friday

It’s Goodbye

To the work week

And hello to the weekend

But not before the work is set and done

Contracts are signed

Mail has been sent

Schools out

Court has been dismissed

Ready, get set and lets go

On A Saturday

You sleep til sleep comes no more

Shower, breakfast

and out the door you go

Aquariums, Museums, Malls, Beaches, Zoo’s

Whatever, wherever it is

A smile on your face

and stride in your step

But time is going to fly by

As long as you’re happy

It doesn’t matter when it ends

As long as you have the memories of good times spent

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