copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

When I wear my sunglasses no one sees all that I see

I spot a mother crying on the park bench

When her lost child is safely returned to her by the park ranger

I spot a purse snatcher trip by a boy playing with his dog

I guess the snatcher now knows better than to try that again

I spot a man bent down on one knee with his girl’s hand in his sliding a ring on her finger

While passersby stand teary eyed

I spot a teacher grading papers while enjoying a picnic

And a squirrel wandering off with various items laying about

I spot a father and son flying kites high in the sky

Til the wind comes and carries them away

I see the sky start to darken and the rain starts a fallin

And suddenly everyone is sent scurrying

Now there’s nothing left to see through rose-tinted glasses

Enjoy Corey Hart as he sings:  Sunglasses At Night

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