A Year In Review©

A Year In Review©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

Last year this time

I was bluer than blue and thinking about you

This year has brought me plenty

Much I’ve had to work for

Some that just lay down in my lap

I’ve fought my battles

I’ve earned my keep

All so I could be here a year later

To say ha ha ha

I beat you

You didn’t extend your hand

You had no time

I worked day and night

just to stay alive

My blood

My sweat

My tears

Have all brought me to this

A year of celebration

Earned all on my own

I sit at my table

I pop the cork

Though I sit here alone

I own my reward

No one can take it

No one can claim it

I am the guest of honor

In this hour-long celebration

I choose my attendants carefully

I hope the year ahead brings more passengers

This ride alone is not to be desired

I long for the warmth of a large celebration

And for the warmth of a close friendship

That bares witness to all that I am

It asks no questions

And stands patiently by

As you gather your thoughts

And pull yourself together

Your new persona has arrived

And sits patiently aside

It opens the door to your new


Now it’s all on you

So show everyone all that you can do


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