Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

I woke this morning to a chill throughout the house

Not even a mouse would dare to scurry about

My toes curled as my feet touch the floor

Trying to hide from the feel of the cold upon my flesh

Goosebumps completely covering me from head to toe

Oh, cruel, cruel Winter

Why must you inflict me this way

You make me not want to stay

I dream of warmer days

With the sun across my back

As I lay upon the beach floor

And swim deep in the warmth of the ocean’s bed

But at the snap of a finger

Reality hits me and the wrath of your coldness

Remains at my door

My only solace is your delightful beauty

Once the first Winter snow falls

Covering all of our surroundings

Upon the night fall

The moon and the star’s light up the evening sky

There’s nothing more beautiful you could ever see

So I guess it’s worth it to be caught up in your hold

For three whole months before your departure

So my old friend Winter

I guess I’ll take you

Since I don’t seem to get to leave you

Treat me well as I’m caught under your spell

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