Why Am I Thankful?©

Why Am I Thankful?©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

I’m both thankful and grateful for all those whom I love


The parents who raised me

The siblings who befriended me

The air I breathe

The water I drink

The food I eat

The bed I sleep in

The sun that rises

The night that falls and brings the stars

The birds that sing

The heat that warms me

The light that shows me the way

The peace that calms me

The joy that keeps me going

The freedom  and skill to write

The years that I’ve beat illness

The family that gives me all that I need

Memories both new and old

Both good and bad

But key to life

Without memories

We don’t

We can’t

Grow into something

Both new and different

I’m thankful for the time

To become the person I need to be

And do the things that I need to do

Thank you

for these


That I will carry with me


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