Remember me softly in your dreams©

Remember me softly in your dreams©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Just a little more time is all I ask for

Time to let my hair down

Play some music

Watch a movie

See my family

Just the simple things

I always said I’d stop

I wouldn’t touch another drop

Last night

You kicked me out

Telling me I could never come back

I got in my car closed my eyes

Revved my engine

And my wheels just burned

Once again

I closed my eyes to block the path of my tears

And before I knew it

I was slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean

My car hit the guard rail and over I went

My seat belt stuck locking me in

There was no escaping my path this time around

I now lay here all dressed in black

No longer playing host to a bottle of gin

I hear you weeping as you stand by my side

Our children with their heads hanging low

And their eyes swollen

I hear your whispers

Asking me why

I couldn’t just throw the bottle away

I wish I could tell you

But I have no answers

I never did

And now

It’s too late

All I can ask now

Is that you remember me

Remember the good

Remember why you loved me

Leave the pain behind

And move on to a happier time

I won’t hold you back

I’m sorry to have to leave you this way

Remember me softly in your dreams©

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