Best Friend For Life©

Best Friend For Life©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

From the moment you entered my life

I knew we would be friends for life

Many things in common

Despite where each of us come from

Lessons learned

Lessons taught

Time together

Time apart

A sense of urgency for what lies ahead

We find time is now quickly slipping away

As doctors notice to my dismay

Something abnormal is growing inside me

He tells me I must get my affairs in order

As time is quickly slipping away

He can’t seem to find the answers

To help me stay

As we prepare for the worse

And we start to pray

A miracle comes before us

With news of a cure

Two and a half months later

I leave the hospital doors

Given a clean bill of health,

Igniting hope and determination

So now we can plan to travel

And so much more

Living live to its fullest

With my one and only

Best friend for Life

Thanks for standing by my side

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