Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

You take me by the hand

I try to shake you off

But you hold on tight

Despite my best efforts

Your hold gets tighter

So much so

I need an intervention

Without you by my side

I sit and I listen

To all the advice

The words give me strength

To fight the fight

But I know that this battle is bigger than me

And I need all the help I can get

To loosen the hold this grief has on me

Without you taunts I know I can get through this pain

I can no longer carry the burden of

Of your pain

I made no mistakes

I’ve done no wrong

And yet I carry the scars of your sins around

You’ve done me no favors

Since you’re six feet under

I should not be in fear

Of what you might do

If I should disappear

I will now leave the place

Where once we lived

For otherwise

I’d meet my own demise

So don’t try to look me up

From your underworld

I’ve changed everything about me

So you wouldn’t recognize me

Grief is no longer something

That I dream about

Nor something I want to carry about

So I now move quickly

Before you come once more

To try to get me

Goodbye Grief

Please won’t you just forget me

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