Soulless Without Her Smile©

Soulless Without Her Smile©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

This morning a man woke up on the wrong side of the bed

He was angry that he didn’t get what he wanted the night before

So he sets out to right his wrong

No breakfast needed

His angry makes him full

No drink

His sweat seeps into his open mouth

His dark and soulless glare sends each passersby running for cover

All fearing what it is that he’s after

His pace quickens as if he’s running out of time

Before he had to return home to prepare for the start of his day

Suddenly he’s where he needed to be

The all night mart at the corner of Elm and Beach St

The girl who had waited on him last night was still there

Her beautiful face was all he could think of

He didn’t even notice all the glances coming his way

Because he had left his house in his bathrobe

And hadn’t even brushed his hair

Oh what a sight he must be

But “Smiling Sarah” as they call her didn’t seem to mind

Once he stood before her she just darted him a big smile

And he thought to himself

Why couldn’t she just have done that last night

He found the nerve to ask her

If she’d like to see him tonight

She gave him a little giggle

Passed him her number and said “I’ll see you later tonight”

Getting what he’d come for

HIs soulless glare was gone

He once again looked human

And became embarrassed by his appearance

And ran home to start his day

Thinking only about the hours until he would get to see

His “Smiling Sarah” at the end of his day

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