A Story To Tell©

A Story To Tell©

Copyright© 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

I have a story to tell

I wonder if you’ll come

And listen


If you’ll want to read it on your own

It’s a never-ending story

The pages go on and on

I wonder if I’ll scare you with the truth

Telling you all that I’m about

All that I’ve seen

Wishing it could be unseen

The things I’ve done

The places I’ve been

The people I’ve met

The people who have died

The babies that were born

All who’ve come and gone

The hunger

The pain

The sickness

The sadness and the joy

I’ve seen it, I’ve said, I’ve read it, I’ve written it

Will you come

Will you judge

Will you stay

Will you go

I’m not sure if I want to know

I know that I’m so afraid to show it and to know it

Can I count on you to come and hear my story


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