My Darkened Night©

My Darkened Night©

Copyright© 2013, 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

Dark is the night

My heart too feels darkened

Now knowing that I can’t have you

I’m lost with no direction

No longer with desire

since knowing you are no longer mine

There are stars lighting up the sky

But they bring sorrow instead of delight

For I have no one to share them with

Here on this dark night

You laugh at my troubles

I don’t how to respond

For once you were my savior

Now I sit trembling on the hillside

Afraid to go home

For the darkness won’t leave me

I’m shivering alone here

I venture on home

Upon entry inside

All I see is your smile

And the sorrow for having disappointed

The one you so deeply loved

You grab me tight

Promising that you’ll never again leave me

I tremble inside

But not because I’m sad

But because I never again thought you’d be mine

A single tear rolls down my cheek

You wipe it dry and replace it with a kiss

Now my darkened night will pass with the morning’s light

And my heart has returned to its rightful place

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