In the Darkest Corner©

In the Darkest Corner©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


I am in search of the darkest corner
So I can hide and be out of sight
My scars run too deep to be seen by others
I will make any human stomach turn
Fire rapture my body but left me here to rot on this earth
But clearly no one wants to see my face
So I roam endlessly through the night looking for the darkest corners
Wishing and hoping for any kind of comfort
The daylight brings me nothing but pain and torment
People stare and whisper and call me names
Those less caring throw rocks or whatever they can find
They don’t even bother to ask what happened
Is this any way to treat a hero
I fought for the freedom of these people
Those we were fighting blew up our truck
While my friends laid dying
I laid crying
From all the pain of my melting skin
I was the only one to survive
Even in my darkest hour I still protect the children who lay near
Our attackers came upon us and I laid it on them
Now they too laid dying while I still lay crying
But now I’m left here hiding
Because no one can stand the sight of me
Why must they all deny me after all I’ve done to save them

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