Civil Unrest©

Not happy with the actions of their leaders or protectors

A need to stand up and fight for their rights arises

They line the streets by the hundreds

Crying out with a need for understanding

Their cries seem to fall on shoulders with no understanding

No changes in the cast of wrong doers

No penance for their wrong doing

More innocent lay dying

While their families stay crying

Because there’s still no justice for their loved ones

The crowd feels it’s time to take a stand

So they take to the streets

Burning buildings

Trashing store fronts

Raising cane

They vandalize to make them realize

That there’s no going back to what once was

Time to move forward

Time to take action

They’ve taken their stand

Please, they’re begging for your attention

Take their hand

Let them know you understand

Get it right this time

No matter who’s wrong or who’s right

No matter your color

No matter your place

You deserve punishment

If you’ve done wrong

You deserve justice

If you’ve been wronged

Band together as one

Stand united

And you will see

The change that can come from

The feeling of equality

All this civil unrest

Needs to be put to bed

And there it must stay

Learn from the child who hands out bottled water to police officers

Or the mother who teaches her teenage son a lesson for all to see for his bad actions against police officers

Pride should come from doing what’s right

As well as doing good for the sake of others

Your reward will be

Peace and understanding

Civil Unrest©

Copyright© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

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