Newly Born©

For 37 weeks I called my mom’s womb home

I grew from a small freckle in the middle of her tummy

I shared her every meal

I listened to her every word

And slept when she slept

Woke when she woke

She treated me well

Eating only good things

Drinking nothing bad

Taking all of her vitamins to make me nice and strong

Finally I found my footing and headed for the door

At almost 5.9 lbs and about 19 inches

It came time to kick down the door

So mommy

I’d like to say I’m sorry

In advance

Because I’m taking my chance

I’m coming out

And I’m taking a stance

I’d like to thank you for your troubles

Now I get to see you in person

I now look forward to each day ahead

Now it’s time to say hello to daddy

From his favorite little girl

Newly Born©

Copyright© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

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