My Intended©

He is my dream

And it would seem

That he has never seen me

For a time I would dine

In the spot where I could behold him

Without him knowing I was there

Upon each gaze

I’m amazed

At how perfectly in place he is

So kind and gentle

And respectful to all that surround him

He would offer his last dime

And his time if needed

He is proud but it would never

Stop him from succeeding

His time is well spent

Helping others

He seems quite content with

The little things in life

Grateful for the air he breathes

For the silence of the night

For the sun on his back

He will joyful bend your ear

Telling stories of his travels near and far

Giving you the feeling of almost being there

He may not be a rich man

But he is the owner of unfathomable knowledge

There is nothing he can’t do

I’m so enchanted

So engaged

With all his is

I can’t think of much else

Than my desire to call him my own

I work to muster the gumption to

Share my affections

Before it’s too late

For I know I will remain alone for the rest of my days

Wondering what might have been

My Intended©

Copyright© 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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