The Other Side Of Her©

Photo by Felina Silver Robinson ©copyright 2015

What you see is not always what you get

She appears to you as a graceful beauty

Her eyes captivate each onlooker

They appear in a trance like form

Only the snap of your fingers brings them out of it

When you get past her out shell

The insides are kind of course

She wants to open-up

But she’s fearful of the outcome

She’s been hurt so many times

She just doesn’t want to chance it

So she only shares her mean side

Sending away all those who want to befriend her

Once the night falls

She sits staring out her bay window

Wishing for happiness

The loneliness gets harder to bear

She is not happy in her disparity

She begs the night sky for a change

Hoping that someone will hear her

She lays her head down for a while

Upon the hour that she awakens

She feels a sudden glow

There is a weight that has been lifted

She feel the shadow of doom no longer looming

She now believes that she is free

To live a full life

Complete with love, trust and happiness

So the coarseness that surrounded her heart

Can now begin to melt away

Soon she will be free to fall in love again

And live for “the other side of her”

The Other Side Of Her©

Copyright© 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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