I Am No Savage©

I struggle to act as you have ordered

You warn I will be punished if I disobey

I attempt to heed your warning

But remember I am free

You leave me with a daily ration of food you know I despise

Upon finding it remained untouched

You gave me 30 lashings

And left me weeping in the darkened room

Warning of more to come if I choose

Not to comply

I counted the stars as I peered out my barred window

Falling off to sleep from sheer boredom

Waking to the nightmare of my very existence

I asked myself

Why must he treat me like a savage beast

I am no savage

But I realize he is however

A beast that needs taming

But I choose not to capture and tame him

For I fear I too will then become a true savage

I Am No Savage©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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