Deceptive Cover Up©

Silence for only a moment

Laughter in the next

Tears washed away

Quickly covered with a smile

Yelling drowned by the cries of a newborn babe

Whispers of deception answered with loud praises

Once all has been said and all has been done

Promises maid by under the moonlight with fingers crossed with another on his mind

Head on pillow off to sleep

She asks “honey are you sleeping”, he doesn’t answer back

She thinks he’s sleeping, but his eyes are open and he’s looking at his cell phone held tightly in his hand

The morning comes with awkward kisses and limp hugs, then they are off and on their way

Someday maybe, just maybe they will return to who they use to be

Deceptive Cover Up©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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