Domestic Violence: Why?©


Why when I tell you the truth

You insist it’s a lie

You frisk me like a thief in the night

Searching for what

I can only imagine

You come up empty handed

But I’m not so lucky

I end up with the whites of your knuckles

Tattooed across my body

Like an artist paints his canvas

Even as I quiver

And tears run down my face

Your bantering continues to ring through my ears

A small red puddle starts to gather at me feet

Your guess is as good as mine

As to where it comes from

After a while I can no longer hear your voice

I’ve drifted off to somewhere else

Somewhere darker and yet serene

Anything is better than here

I’m thinking to myself

Why couldn’t I get others to listen

To believe what I was saying

Didn’t they wonder why

I was always covered up

Even on the warmest day

Didn’t they wonder why

I always had to run home

As if being time in a race and may the best one win

They never questioned why my phone was always ringing

And the tears streamed down my face

Each day I was trapped

And there was no turning back

There was nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

I had run out of time

And now the phantom had come to collect me

Before it was my time

And all because no one ever questioned



Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is one of many written in the hopes of raising awareness about domestic violence.  This is a serious problem that has plagued us all for decades even centuries. I believe its been inbred in many and they are not even aware of what they are doing nor are the aware of the consequences to themselves or their victims.  Changes can only be made once the problem is acknowledged and both the victim and the abuser become willing to take action only then can progress be made. Are you ready to lend a hand or a shoulder to those in need? Take Action and defeat the beast known as Domestic Violence.

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