When I brought you into the world

You fit in the palm of my hand

Safe and sound

Not a worry in the world

Now you’re out on your own

Facing the world

Some days are hard

Some days are easy

Sometimes I know you wish you were back here

Here nestled in the safety of your mothers arms

The world can be a scary place to be

Know that  you are not alone in your fear, your pain, or

Those days that you feel all alone

I too still have those moments

Because this world can be a hard place to live

I sometimes wish I could still fit in the palm of my mothers hand

But I know that my life will still be waiting for me to live

Just as yours will

So live it, even if sometimes its uncertain and leaves you wishing

You could still fit in the palm of my hand

In the Palm of My Hand©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson