My imperfect imperfections©

Waiting in my new, shiny, black, Chevy 4×4, I spied your hourglass figure in between the broken glass of the car mirror. Your strut was strong and steady but lacked the confidence someone like me usually looks for in their equal. I think maybe that’s what caught my attention. Something new and different might be just what I’ve needed to complete me. The complexion of your skin totally free from blemishes. Your smile quite breathtaking. I’m drawn in by the ever so slight gap between your two front teeth as you say hello passing my truck. My heart is sold. I jump out of new, shiny, black, Chevy 4×4 and chase down my imperfect imperfections hoping she won’t find me unattractive.

My Imperfect Imperfections©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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